Monday, May 19, 2014

What Would You Die For?

If you look around, you will see that in many subtle ways our culture is becoming more hostile to the Christian faith.  The West has grown more open to Eastern religion (which is ironic, because Christianity started in the Middle East).  It has begun to embrace religious views that are more inclusive.  The Muslim faith is gaining more power in the United States as well, leaving little room for Christianity.  The Christian viewpoint is far from being erased, and we are in little danger of persecution beyond some inconveniences.  Sure, the Freedom From Religion group doesn't like us, but we are pretty much free to practice as we'd like.

What about around the world?  Women are being disfigured and even killed for Christian views, like the woman who is sentenced to be hung in Sudan for leaving the Islamic faith and becoming a Christian.  While others trying to convince her to renounce Christ, she would rather give her life than turn her back on Christ.

What about us?  In the average American church, if men walked in armed with guns and said they would kill everyone who doesn't denounce Christ, what would you do?  I sit in church with my wife and three kids who I love more than my life.  If they told me to denounce Christ, to give up my faith and throw away my Bible, or they would kill my children, what would I do?  Christians face these sorts of struggles in other parts of the world, hiding from the authorities so they can worship.

Would you die to have your Bible?  Would you die for the freedom to pray, to share Christ and to worship?  It's easy to say "yes" when we are in the safety of the United States.  It may not always be this way.  Those things we feel are so necessary like our church buildings, our paid pastor, our worship team, what if they were all gone?  When it becomes illegal to have a Bible, will you hide yours?  I pray my children never have to face that, but if that day comes, I pray they will have a faith worth dying for.

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