Saturday, May 24, 2014

Note of Appreciation for You

I want to say thank you for being one of my readers.  I have been writing on this blog for about 6 years now and I have enjoyed every post.  Some have been really good, some have been not so good, but every blog has been part of me.  I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and ideas, unpacking some theology, reviewing books and some movies.  We have shared some deep ideas and truths and joked around a great deal too.  I love having this blog.

I have no plans to stop blogging, I will continue to post here and on some other sites.  I am so thankful for you who read and follow my blog.  Thank you for sharing my blog with others, if you read something that you enjoy, I would ask that you share it with someone.  The great thing about blogs is the ability to dialogue, to leave comments and comment on other's comments.  It's imperfect community but it's community none the less.

Feel free to write me at if there are topics or questions you would like me to post about.  I am always open to ideas and suggestions, even some critique if there is something I need to do better.  I am always working to become a better writer and communicator.  It's very important to me to write in a way that is readable and enjoyable.  Thank you again for reading and joining me on this journey!

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