Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let the Dead Horse Lie, No More Calvinistic Arguments

My brother and sister, the dead horse has been beaten beyond recognition. Every day I see on blogs and twitter and posts fight and arguments about Calvinism and Traditionalism. I think the scripture points out where we are today in Titus.

But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless. Titus 3:9

Friends, we are there. This conversation has become without value. Most of what I see has become hostile on both sides. There have been words used like "evil" or "heresy" or "satanic". Both sides have declared that the opposition has come from the pit of hell. I have seen a book published that pretty much comes right out and says that Calvinism is from hell. The Calvinists have thrown around words like Pelagian and heretic. This has become all together unprofitable.

We have become arrogant, thinking we are totally right, they are totally wrong. We have become hateful, spiteful and down right ugly. I am pleading with you, my brothers and sisters to let it go. We have to find common ground, commonality and the shared foundation. If we cannot, it may be time to separate the SBC, something I would hate to see happen.

We have divided ourselves over this theological position in a way that even the results to bridge the gap have been burned. Cinders and ashes are all that is left of much of the goodwill we need in the SBC. Can we not work together for the cause of Christ? Can we not focus on reaching out, serving, loving and caring? There must be more too us than our division on an aspect of soteriology. There is much about the act and realities of Salvation we agree on, and we all know we must preach Christ and His death, burial and ressurection.

Above all, we must be a convention united behind the cause of Christ. I know I have said and been part of the problem in the past. I apologise to all those I have insulted or offended. I pray that God blesses your ministry and that we can be a united SBC, working together for the cause of Christ.

Remember, above all, we are to love God and one another, so can we focus on that?

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