Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Want to be Rich in Years

I read a lot of books, most of them theological, I just finished one that really made me think.  The book is called Rich In Years by Johann Arnold.  I don't think a whole lot about growing older, and to be honest I don't think a lot about caring for aging family members.  My only living grandparent is surrounded by family half way across the country from me, my parents are both gone.  I have talked to my wife briefly about when her mother gets older, but she is healthy and very independent, it's hard to think about her needing care.  My wife's grandparents are aging and there are times I think about them, they are fortunate to have lots of family close.  Things seem to be good, but could they be better?

Arnold talks about the fruit that comes from being older, but looks how as a society we have blown it.  I am thankful for the older men in my life and the wisdom they share.  A great man and mentor of mine passed away recently, I am so thankful for his investment and wisdom.  We need to not only care for those who are advanced in years, but take time to learn from them.  I have found the poorest leaders I have known have not taken time to have older and wiser mentors.  I don't want to be a poor leader, I want to have those older and wiser than I invest in me.  I have tried to take time to be connected, and as I grow older, I pray that God grants me wisdom to pass on.  Most of all, I hope there is a generation willing to stop and listen.  I hope we will be a generation to do the same.

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