Friday, May 3, 2013

The Ultimate Revelation of God about Himself

Do you know the Hebrew name of God? It's Yahweh. This is basically the "to be" verb in Hebrew twice. I am, I am. Exodus 3:14, God gives us the greatest self-revelation there is, I Am who I Am.  He says I Am. Do you get it, let this truth wash over you, God just is. None of us can say that. There was a time when I was not, and I had a beginning. There was a time I was a child, there was a time I was a teen, there was a time I was. . .  There will be a time when I'm retired (I hope) there will be a time that I'm a grandfather, there will be a time I'm dead and gone. I have was, is and will be. I'm subject and at the mercy of time, I change.

God IS. He just completely and absolutely is, without changing, without beginning, without end. God doesn't know or see or understand anything more or less today than He did one million years ago. God is never surprised, never shocked. God never looks forward at backwards because He IS. He is in this moment, and in the moment past and the moment to come and for God, there is no break. I can only be now, then is over and I haven't arrived as soon yet. When I do, now will be then and I can't go back. I am subject to time, it has authority. God is not, time has no authority over Him, He can be then and now and soon all at once. He is in this moment and the moment He revealed Himself to Moses and every other moment because He is infinite, He is eternal, He is absolute, He IS.

Does the reality of our God make your brain hurt? We are trapped inside time and we can't even fathom what it's like outside of time. It blows our mind to even try to fathom this reality. It's amazing to know we are protected and watched over by a God who is timeless, all powerful, a God who just IS.

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