Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Hematoma Saga Continues

If you have been on my facebook page at all, you know I am entering the third week of a hematoma, a pocket or clot of blood under the skin. At first it was a painful knot. Then the bruising started and the swelling and it currently looks like my foot, ankle and leg has been beaten repeatedly.  It drives me crazy because of the length of time. I can handle pain and swelling if it goes away. This won't, and there is a specific reason it bothers me.

Being Mother's day, this story has some extra meaning for me today. It was Dec of 1996 when my mom slipped and thought she pulled her hamstring. It became swollen and sore and she stayed off it. The swelling, bruising and pain wouldn't go away and after 3 months, they began some more thorough investigation. It was April of 1997 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Seven months later, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and three years later the died.

Now I am not saying my hematoma is really a cancerous spot. It's true that I have had 6 family members fight cancer.  The fact that my friend and family doctor Thor Swanson is having chemo isn't real comforting either (especially since they removed part of his leg). I don't think I have cancer, I think I have a nasty hematoma, but it does get you thinking. Your life may be shorter than you anticipated. You may think you get 80 years and wind up with half that. My mother was 47. I am 11 years from being the same age she was when she died. Time is gonna go by fast, it always does. Do what you gotta do, cause it may be gone tomorrow.

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