Saturday, March 9, 2013

In Ministry

As I am getting older,  there are some things in modern American Churchianity that I am rejecting. Today's item to toss out is the idea of being in or not being in or involved in Ministry. I am not rejected the idea of people being in ministry, I am tossing the idea out of a Christian being a Christian and not doing ministry.

First off, let's talk about ministry. This doesn't mean you have a title, position or a job description at your church. Ministry means there is something in your life that you invested in for the spiritual and eternal benefit or someone else. Everything from preaching and teaching to giving someone a cup of cold water in the name of Christ. Helping people, serving people, sharing with people are all areas of Ministry.

First thing we need to toss out is the idea that someone can be a Christian and be a complete consumer. If you don't invest yourself in anyone, ever, something in wrong. There may be a season you are a bit below the radar, but you are still praying and encouraging others, right? If you are doing nothing for anyone else, better search your heart. Something is very broken?

Second, less toss out the idea that you have to serve in your church for it to be valid. The best place to do ministry is probably in your local church, and they need you, but ministry will often be outside. Hopefully your church recognises the needs to train, equip and release people for ministry. Often your ministry will be at your work, home, school or other places you spend time. These are the places Jesus calls you to be. 

The key thing is to find your ministry focus, your calling. Maybe it's your family, raising kids or taking care of aging parents. Maybe it's to coworkers, neighbors or friends. You may be called to help with kids, teach in Sunday School or serve as a deacon. Plant your life in that ministry, let God tend your vine and produce a harvest. If you are not serving, not producing a harvest, maybe you need to make sure you are connected to the vine.

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