Monday, January 7, 2013

House Church thoughts

As I talked with a good friend of mine today, we talked about experiences of true fellowship. Sharing the joy of our salvation in a group and praising God. I think a church should be a place to share with others, and I am not sure we have created that in the existing, traditional, institutional church. We have squelched too much interaction and scripted too much.

In the early church, they were sharing, bringing scripture, testimony, songs and prayers. They gave of themselves, and their giving all went to the relief of the saints. They never did rolls, they didn't pass a plate, there was no greeting time or alter call. It was so much more natural. They didn't need instructions. Do we have that today?

In the early church, there were no Children's programs, no youth groups, no couples classes, just the church. They were all together, they all learned and grew. There wasn't this idea of a simple class or a complex or advanced class. They were together.

Does not having this sort of structure help us today? Are we spiritually in a better place than the early church? Why do places that have the simple, house church idea thrive, while we have all this freedom and are dying? Maybe we have missed something.

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