Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trust, or lack thereof.

Do you trust someone?  Maybe a better question is, do you trust anyone?  We say "of course, I trust my best friend" or "I trust my spouse" and those who are more spiritual like to say "I trust God".  In reality, however, we often don't trust anyone, including God or spouse, our pastor or ourselves.  Trust is a hard thing these days because let's be honest.  We are pretty selfish and self-centered for the most part.  When someone does something that isn't for our immediate benefit, or if they do something that isn't the way we think it should be done, something lets us down we struggle to trust them.

This becomes a problem because trust is an integral part of faith.  How do we live out our trust in God in an every day basis?  Do we trust Him with our families or our children?  If we do, we would live our lives based on the Biblical principles and not the latest books or studies.  Do we trust Him with our money?  If we did, we would trust the Biblical Principles for money and not the latest advice or trends. If we trusted God with our marriage, we would do what He said to do in our marriages.

It's ironic how we call something trust, but in reality we are doing what we think is right.  In reality, we are trusting ourselves and our ideas, sense of work, ethics, etc.  Even in ministry, as we seek to follow God, we do so even in ways that make sense to us.  When is the last time we were willing to just trust and follow what the Bible teaches, even when it doesn't make sense or seems counter-intuitive.  Maybe we need to re-learn to trust.

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