Saturday, October 11, 2008

Self-inflicted stuff

Bars. Ever been to a bar? I've been in several, and most of it was when I was delivering Pizza. There was that time my junior year at the University of Wyoming, but we won't talk about that. Have you ever met someone who went into a bar, spend the whole night, came out loaded and broke, and said "that was an awesome idea!" Usually you have to wait until they sober up, wake up and then try to figure out where they are. Natural response is "I'll never do that again". I have known a lot of people who have gone to bars, and then done other things and then realized "that was a bad idea". Then the next weekend, guess where they are.

So my question is, why? Why do we continue to do things that don't turn out well? Ever notice we do something dumb, and then do it again? It's like Eve. First, she wanders over to the tree. Notice, it never said, "the snake led Eve to the tree". She did that on her own, and apparently, Adam wasn't far behind. Then the snake says "eat it" and she said "if I touch the fruit, I'll die". Then she touches the fruit (after saying it will make her die) and thinks to herself "well, that turned out ok, so lets just eat the fruit". Always gotta push it to the next level.

So I do it. You do it. Why do we do it? We recognise bad decisions, we can say "that's a bad choice because. . . " and then we do it anyway. We don't even have a snake to blame for it.

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