Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pause for reflection

Stop. Reflect for a minute. I don't do that enough, I think and act and decide and move forward. It's sort of my nature. I have been holding off my blog for a few days. We just finished a prayer conference this weekend, and I was pushed around a little. I had to stop, think and reflect.

I have been moved around. You know when someone says something you agree with and it changes your perception, you are moved. Then I thought about some things, and didn't agree totally. I was moved again. I don't think they were heresies, but I come from a slightly different theological point of view, so it moved me again. Then I saw the effect on people around me, and I moved a little more. After all the movement, I sorta feel . . . well sloshed.

So I don’t have a comment about the prayer conference, just one comment in general. Stop for a second. The Bible calls this “being still”. We are to be still and know He is God. You see, so many things we do are based on different parts of our makeup. Sometimes we are appealed to intellectually, sometimes emotionally, sometimes spiritually. Sometimes our sentiments, sometimes we are played towards or against our passions. Sometimes a speaker comes in and we are captivated, and sometimes repulsed. We are pushed and pulled and moved by all the forces.

Stop. Be still. In reflection, some things about my prayer life will change. Some things about my spiritual life will change. Some things need to change. Some things that I was told need to change, won’t change, and some things I was told don’t need to change will change. I think Don Pierson (the speaker) would tell you that if you feel that God is moving you, and it’s in opposition to what I tell you or he tells you or your pastor on Sunday tells you, move. If God calls, move. If man calls, sometimes you need to stop. Maybe for a moment, maybe longer. So now that this blog is complete, stop.

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  1. eLoved the comments. Love the way the Lord is pushing you around!! (I would call that positioning, quickening). :-) Your right about being still before God and seeking Him. There was a lot this weekend. For me, many strong spiritual truths. It was powerful for me. Nonetheless, I also am chewing, pondering, talking to God . . . asking Him for His wisdom. Asking Him how I am to apply those things I have gleaned. Yet, we are never in alignment with all things. That's because God speaks uniquely to us as well. God is good!