Tuesday, October 14, 2008

God's faithfulness

I know, this is 2 blogs in one day, but in my study I found this passage and had to share.

Let me start with background. In Jewish custom if 2 people made a covenant, the took an animal, a ram or a goat or a bull, and cut it into 2 pieces, right down the center line. They look and laid them to form an aisle between them. Then person making the covenant would then walk between the pieces and say "if I break this covenant, let it be to me as it is to this animal". It then became a binding covenant. The Hebrews were masters of the symbolic.

In Genesis 15:9, God asks for some animals and had them cut in half. Later in verse 17, it was The Lord who passed between the pieces. It wasn't Abraham who had to toe the line, it was God. God took the initiative, the responsibility and made it happen.

One more interesting point. God had a plan to destroy the Amorites because of their wickedness, but they hadn’t committed the acts yet. Verse 16 says “for the iniquity of the Amorties is not yet complete.” If you want predestination and free will put together, there is your verse.

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