Thursday, July 3, 2008

logic chopping

There is this raging debate about this new church called the "emergent church". Have you seen it? Heard about it? I have listened to some of it and read some of it. If you see it, run away. It's logic chopping. Why do we have to chop up logic to be "relevent"? Some things have been unchanged throughout human history. People have always done many of the same things. We have always eaten, always sleep, always breathe. It seems common sense, but we haven't updated the basics of life. There is no "modern" way to sleep, or "postmodern" way to eat. We still put the food in our mouths, chew and swallow.

So God has been God longer than man has been man. Why are we trying to reinvent Him? Jesus is Jesus, the Spirit is the Spirit, the Word is the Word. You can't change them, improve them, or make them "postmodern". So quit. I know that most of those in the emergent church won't read my blog. I know that McLaren will never read my blog, but Brian, if you do, cut it out. Stop trying to make God become a "postmodern", or "deconstruct" the scripture. The center in Lacanian theory is non-existant, which causes it to collapse, which causes deconstruction. You can't be a beleiver in a real and living God as the center and believe that the center doesn't hold. It's logic chopping, stop trying to be cool. Stop trying to be "postmodern". Eat, sleep, pray and trust. That's it.

It doesn't have to be new, it doesn't have to be "postmodern" or the new idea of what "relevent" is. It just has to be true. I hate logic chopping.


  1. AMEN! People needed a Savior 2000 years ago, they need a Savior today and 2000 years from now people will still need a Savior. Why beat around the bush and try to sneak up on people with the Gospel? Last time i checked, it was The Holy Spirit who brings people to salvation. Let Him do His job and stop trying to be cute!

  2. Nice blog! I didn't read it before posing my question to you about the emergent church (EC) movement. I read an article today where an EC advocate said that as long as you love God and love your neighbor as yourself, you are a follower of Christ. I understand connecting culturally, but I don't understand changing the gospel to make people feel better about themselves.