Friday, February 17, 2017

Has Social Media Destoryed Civil Discourse?

Ever been in a Facebook fight? I am sure you have, and they are awful. It's a back and forth of cut and paste from stuff in articles that may or may not be real news. It's tit for tat in insults and a barrage of things that no one would actually say to another person's face. This type of argument just causes anger and frustration, and it seems to be bleeding over.

We have seen anger bleed over. We have a President who uses twitter quite often, and it's caused anger to boil over. The day of the Facebook fake news, the 30 second sound bite, the tweet and retweet and the shared post on Facebook have erupted. Violent protests, rioting and anger to the point that a speaker has to abandon his presentation at a college because of the violent acts of protest.

What has happened to America? We have all seem to regressed to teenagers when it comes to civil dialogue. I saw today that even churches are beginning to behave in this manor. There is something they didn't like, so they are pulling funding in a very public way.

Maybe it's time for you and me to take a step back. Begin to engage one another with respect, even on social media. Let's face it, Facebook and twitter aren't going away, and they have changed the way the world operates. We as individuals need to make sure we are being civil and decent to other human beings. It's the only way things will ever begin to improve.

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