Thursday, October 27, 2016

Token Political Piece, What This Election Has Taught Me

So everyone is writing stuff about the upcoming election. We have the selection before us of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or a variety of 3rd party options, none which as emerged as a real contender. The whole thing is a train wreck in my opinion. I don't believe that a man like Donald Trump has the temperament to be President, he just doesn't have the character to be in public office. On the flip side, I think Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt individual who has ever run for office. She is a criminal, everyone knows she has broken laws, lied and covered it up, and the system seems to be turning a blind eye like it doesn't matter. It's really a disgrace to the entire system.

What I have seen and learned this election cycle is there is a major flaw in America, and I think the center of the flaw is the public education system. The system as a whole is failing. I don't blame teachers, I know great and amazing teachers. I love teachers and I hope to once again be a professional educator. I don't blame administrations, they are doing the best they can with what they have. I don't think it's even an issue with common core or no child left behind. Sure, those things are broken and need fixed, but that doesn't seem to me to be the big problem.

The big issue, the main problem is we have forgotten the purpose of public education. We have forgotten about teaching our kids how to be good citizens. America is a Democratic Republic, and being such requires an education citizenship because we choose representatives and vote on laws. The purpose of the education system in this country is to allow each citizen the opportunity to learn and obtain the skills necessary to be part of the governing process. It begins to picking good leaders, having good laws and common sense in Washington. Education is beyond reading and writing, but how to think critically, how to be civic and community minded. How to look at the needs of the whole.

Instead, we have become so incredibly selfish that the entire system is a mess. Government caves to special interest, companies are allowed to fleece the people, industries like Pharmaceuticals are not kept in check, and programs like Obamacare are making things worse, not better. Special interest is tearing things apart and Washington is so broken it's lead to a man like Trump being the Republican candidate. Hillary should be in prison without a doubt, the debt should be cut and common sense needs to be in politics. It's not. Everything is bought and sold, including lives and freedoms. The corruption has gotten so out of hand for one reason. The people let it get there.

We stopped teaching people how to be in charge of the government, we lost the power of being the people. We now stand by and let politicians and companies gouge us. With the corruption going on and the DOJ and FBI allowing it to happen right in front of the American people, nothing will change. It won't change until there is base level reforms that teach the people how to be good citizens to be watch dogs and involved in the system. Once honest and integrate are focused on in Education, they will never be returned to our government.

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