Saturday, August 6, 2016

Race, Culture and the Bigger Issue

I originally wrote this as a Facebook post, but I wanted to write a little more, so I'm adding it as a blog. I heard an interview and I'm putting the link in so you can see the statements made.

Ben Shapiro made a statement that we don't have a racial issue, but a culture issue. I agree 100% but I believe this farther than the point he was making. There is a culture issue among many minority young males that makes them more prone to police confrontation, this is reflected in the media of that cultured with much of the music identified with the culture. The prime example is the rap music culture that glorifies deviant behavior.

 Beyond that, the idea of superiority of Euro-Americans is a cultural issue. We hear the statistics and begin to adopt an attitude of superiority over minorities. The narrative begins with a sub culture in the black community that is gang centered such as the inner city Chicago. Young white individuals who are not in a criminal subculture subtly begins to stereotype. It happens without even being aware most of the time, we hear about the crime rate, the rates of poverty, unwed and single mothers, the stereotype is created. The issue is amplified as the criminal element gets more and more focused upon. Here is the issue in my opinion.

I deal with people with diverse ethnic backgrounds, they are more similar than different. They have wants and needs, are talking care of their issues and doing their best. We ignore most off these people to focus on a kid who gets shot attacking an officer after robbing a store. We ignore the thousands of young black men in school and going to work. The entire culture has created this issue, blacks and whites.

Want to blame someone? I would say the news media, but they are a business and they sell what we buy. Can't blame the politicians, we put them there. It's us, we the people. It's time to dissolve the entire narrative, push the extremes out of the spot light. Stop focusing of the thugs, the criminals, the dirty cops, the crooked politicians, the race baiters and all those who make a profit from this narrative. They want to be in the spotlight and we pay attention and we listen to them, look at them and give them credibility.

The reality is crime will never go away but we can stop associating it with color of skin. Corrupt politicians will never go away but we need to have David Duke and Al Sharpton out of the picture completely. These two individuals represent a whole group of individuals who use this issue to their advantage. They prey on different groups, but in the end are cashing in on this issue. The current narrative isn't a race issue, it's a culture issue. It's a culture issue promoted by people using it to get rich and famous.

It's time to stop being used and just be American. It's time to stop making the criminals famous. We need to focus less on the few kids who are shot and more on the kids who are doing well and making a difference.  We need more kids like THIS. I know many out there will scream "where is the justice" and they want everyone to know the story of the injustice. The reality is that you make criminals martyrs. We are perpetuating the issue when we put the moms of these young boys on TV. They are not representative of the black community. My son's friends aren't posing with guns on their FB page, they aren't robbing, looting, rioting and engaging in criminal behavior. We need to stop making criminals famous. We need to stop making those who are cashing in on this famous. We need to stop letting politicians use this to manipulate for votes.

Can we get real for a second?  No one outside of his family and friends gives a crap about Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown or even Philando Castile. We scream social outrage, but if these men were still alive and needed help, most people won't give it too them. It's just the reality of America. We agree that it's tragic they are gone, and we argue over if the shooting was justified, but we don't really care. Most people are genuenly concerned about their friends and family, but outside of that, they don't do much. Charitable giving is just high enough to make people feel good about themselves, but for the most part, people are selfish and concerned about themselves. When riots go one, people loot and steal, is that because they are outraged about the crime? No, it's because they don't care and are selfish. People are seeking to take care of themselves. There will continue to be lives lost unjustly as long as there are people who use it for exploitation. You can't cure corruption with more corruption.

It's time to change the culture. It's time to stop making heroes out of criminals, politicians, and anyone else who uses this to advantage their ajenda. We need to purge these movements like BLM of every individual who is using it for their personal gain either monitarily, fame and notoriety or the ability to manipulate, then have an honest dialogue. There won't be many left.

Time to change the culture. Not black culture or white culture or Hispanic culture, all people with diverse cultural backgrounds need to hold tight to their history and traditions. We need to change the culture of exasperating along lines of skin pigmentation and geographical origin. We need to truly and honestly seek to become Americans without the content-. We are American, not Anglo-American, Euro-American, African-American, Latin-American, we are simply American with cultural roots from another place. In all honesty, most of us have been diversified enough that we can't just claim one location anyway. Many have ancestry from all over the globe. We need to have a culture of humanity, not ethnicity.

So, how do we change the culture?  I've written enough for one post, let's explore than one another time.

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