Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Are you free?   Like really free?   I was walking with a buddy at work the other day,  and there are painted lines to separate the walkway from the area in the warehouse where the forklift runs.   The lines are like the commandments in the Bible.   They show us where to walk so sin doesn't run us down like a loaded down forklift.

We see these lines,  and we begin to obsess over where the lines are.   We want to know "is this a sin? "  or "is that a sin?"   We want to know where the edge of the cliff is because we are obsessed with walking on the edge.   We want to stay as close to the temptation as we can without actually stepping over it,  which we usually end up doing.

Maybe it's time we begin to live out of who we really are.   As sons and daughters of God,  we are free to live without being trapped by sin.   Everything in God's laws and commands are there to give us life.   There is fulfillment of the Old Testament laws,  we no longer have to sacrifice,  we don't wear four tassels and we can eat bacon.   We have freeing laws,  like love God,  love for Him sets us free.   Love others because anger and hate are a prison.   Share and build community,  we are meant to be with others.   Avoid those things that will trap you and snare you and destroy your life.

The road is narrow and few find it,  but we don't have to live on the edge of the path.   Let's move to the center and run with the freedom of God's incredible grace.   Let's focus more on how we can love others instead of how close we can get to sin.

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