Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why I Became "God Boy"

I had a life transforming experience during the summer between my 7th and 8th grade years, and as a result I became a sold out believer in Jesus Christ.  I was already a believer at the time, but my life began to reflect it in many ways.  I hung Christian posters (little ones) in my locker, wore Christian tshirts and listened to Christian music.  As a result, I was teased and mocked for my faith, I was called God Boy and Church Boy.  No one ever called me Jesus Freak, it would have been much cooler, but I was teased anyway.  In my years of Middle School and High School, I had friends who were believers, some who weren't believers, but no one asked me why.  No one asked me why I chose to take the mocking and teasing and continue to wear my Christian shirts and listen to my Christian music.  So, I want to take a minute to answer the question that no one really wanted to ask.

It all begins with that life changing even I spoke about.  It was a week at a Christian camp called Centrifuge where all the things I believed seemed to be confirmed.  I'm not gonna lie, I went to have a good time, but I experienced something so much more.  All my doubts and reservations were thrown away as I spent time with other believers and studied the Bible, prayed and worshiped.  I realize this is easy to achieve in a group context, get a group excited about something and you can make them believe stuff, sell them Amway, get them to shave their body hair and speak only in pig Latin.  This was more than that for me, the excitement didn't wear off as I left the group, most cult groups end up staying together for a long period to make the feelings stay.  I only got one out of 52 weeks in a year, but I was different.  Experiencing God in that week changed me on the inside.

I graduated from High School about 20 years ago, but I can tell you fire that was lit inside me is still there.  I am still sold out in my faith to God and totally captivated by Jesus.  I still listen to my Christian Music, still wear my Christian Tshirts, but more than that, I am even more convinced of my need, epic need, for Jesus in my life.  This is more than just a guy getting excited about a faith experience.  This is a man who is completely helpless to do anything good on his own and is doomed by my own sin.

The one thing that makes Christianity (Biblical version) different than every other world religion or cult is our inability to do anything on our own.  Most religions have laws and rules and rituals and rights that make man right before a god.  In Biblical Christianity, there are laws and rules and you have broken them and on your own, you are doomed.  No one can keep the laws, no one is a good person, everyone is a sinner.  You and I and everyone else on the planet has and does rebel against a Holy God.  We have broken His laws over and over and we deserve to be separated from God.  As much good as we try to do, we are evil, we are selfish and wicked.

Jesus wasn't.  He lived a perfect, sinless life and then gave up His life and died in our place.  God became a man and then became the sacrifice to pay for our sin.  I'm not sold out to just a nebulous concept of a deity, I have a relationship with a God who loves me so much He fixed my sin problem so I can have a relationship with Him.  Jesus saved me from myself, and He is alive in Heaven today to make intercession for me.

I would tell anyone and everyone this truth, and I hope you will take time to consider what I have said.  I would challenge and invite you to simply pray and ask God to show you that He is real.  Pray that is God is real He will show you and make Himself known to you.  God is real, He is available and through Jesus we can have a relationship with God.  It can change your life as it changed mine.  Ask God to show you the truth, reach out to God and ask for His power in your life.  It can change you.

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