Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall From Grace, is that Possible?

Ever heard of someone falling from grace?  It's normally used when a pastor has a moral failure, does something that causes him to disqualify himself for ministry in the eyes of the church.  I have heard of men having this type of issue, I am not sure I know any who have had this problem.  As I think about men who make a mistake and fail, I question how we talk about it.  We call it a fall from Grace, but is that even possible?

Grace is when a fallen, sinful person is granted unmerited favor with God, and God no longer counts their sins against them, they have been covered by the blood of Christ.  How exactly does one fall from being a forgiven sinner?  If you are a forgiven sinner, you are forgiven and the blood of Christ covers all your sins, so when you sin you covered in grace.  Paul tells us when sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.  This doesn't mean we should continue to sin, it has ramifications and consequences, but grace covers us.  We can't fall from grace, we fall into grace.

I think we should be careful about the way we talk, it shines a light on our hearts.  We say someone has fallen from grace because we feel they no longer deserve the favor we have been shown.  We miss the point that we don't deserve that favor either.  If a man fails and sins, he is guilty of breaking the entire law, so we should be slow to condemn those sins we are massive in our own minds, and be grace filled and grace giving.  Remember that we all need to fall into grace.

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