Sunday, September 29, 2013

So Far Behind. . . .but still in the race.

So I haven't blogged in a while.  I have to make up for lost time, so I'm gonna write a big overview.  Started a new job, 12 hour shifts, crazy schedule of days off and work and stuff.  It should give me more time to write, but lately I have been sleeping and editing.  Had some great editing projects, read an awesome book a friend wrote.  Reviewing another 2 books, then 2 more books written by friends, so reading a bunch and

writing reviews and doing edits.  I love it, but I wish I had more time.  Have decided to expand RI Ministries into Real Life Ministries to include my coaching, church consulting, writing, speaking and whatever else.  I am going to write a poem, yes I know.  I am the guy who says poetry is for people who can't make prose sound good, but I have a motive.  I'll tell you later.  It's a good idea, at least I think so.

My immediate project is to start the Lead Followers Network.  I'm going to write on that in just a second, so I won't be redundant, you can just read that post.  I have about a zillion other projects I need to do, books on:
Bible Literacy
Freedom from Bondage
Eternity (what the Bible says, not some experience or dream)
I also have a couple fiction books in mind, the second in the Green Lake Chronicles and my triology.

To go with those projects, I want to write some stuff on Following, and I need to share my vision for coaching and consulting.  It's busy, but it's fun.  Oh, I am also working on starting an electronics repair business, and a Linux business. Those will just be side projects because I enjoy it.

Thanks for sticking with me y'all, you I know I love you all who take time to read my blog.

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