Monday, August 19, 2013

Tipping Cows, writing reviews. Redneck good times.

Being in Ministry for over a decade, much of what is written by Jared Moore in his book "10 Sacred Cows in Christianity That Need to Be Tipped" resonates with me.  I have actually used the phrase "sacred cows" on occasions when talking about changes that need to be make in the ministry in which I was serving.  They are often very large, very heavy and very hard to tip.  This book is a quick read and very practical for pastors, leaders, deacons and elders and those who want more out of church than an hour long ritual.  Jared cuts through much of the clutter and gets right to the point.  This book could have easily been hundreds of pages, but Jared focuses on the main issues and presents the issue clearly, leaving the application to the reader.

There is much more that could have been said, and many more cows that could have been listed, every church or group will have their individual struggles, this is a good over view and 30,000 foot view of the issues that face many churches.  Too long we have had the worship wars, battled over being fed and pressured Pastors to be better, churches to get bigger and things to be more professional and not focused on God and giving Him the praise.  Jared puts the focus where the focus belongs.

This book won't solve all your church's issue, but this is a great spot to begin.  I would recommend getting this book for your entire leadership team and going over each chapter together and fleshing it out for your individual context.  It will be a blessing to open up and making sure you keep the focus where it belongs.  I do wish Jared would have unpacked some of the issues a little more, there could have been so much more written.  I understand why he left it the way that he did and didn't get too deep into it.  The issue is that things need to change, and it wasn't Jared's focus on what exactly that change needs to look like.  Maybe he will write that in another book.

In any way, check it out.  You can head over to Jared's blog and get all the info.  It's pretty short, it's good stuff and I think you'll agree with it.

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