Thursday, July 4, 2013

The American Church, a baby book

I picked up this book with high hopes as a house church planter in progress.  While I don't disagree with many of the points, there is no carrying of the burden of proof. The book says "this is wrong" and then drops a few Bible verses without any real exegetical work.  Much of the material is based on the author's experience and opinion.  While I agree with a lot of what he said, in many ways this book seemed to be a personal opinion which is then assumed to be Biblical truth.  There is much that needs developed and a few points that just seemed to be arrogant.  To write a book and then expect churches and pastors to read it and say "oh, we should change" after hundreds of years of working in this way is extreme.

A better approach would be to call out the issues and give practical tips to how to begin to make the change.  Calling for every church to change it's name, throw out all denominational ism, fire the pastor (after he finds a job) and appoint elders and revamp everything on Sunday is a bit extreme and pretty unhelpful in the ongoing dialogue as a whole.

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