Saturday, July 6, 2013

Big choices

So I am facing decisions about important things like my job.  I have found myself totally outside my area, my calling or career or whatever.  I'm a minister, a pastor, a missionary by calling, my training and in my experience.  I can't get away from the fact I need to be in ministry.  I have thought that I would get a job and work bi-vocationally.  I feel called to start the house church network and do so without taking a salary from the house church.  I want to have a network with a plurality of elders, and we can't do that and all get paid, it defeats much of the purpose of organic, low overhead, high ministry and mission church.  I feel called to do the RI ministry, but there is so much work and so little time and I can't even put together the $300 for the non-profit status.  I would need to do fund raising and I am not sure I am there.  There is also the Youth for Christ idea, but that is self supported, causing me to need to raise support and I have to have income in the meantime.  The economy is bad, and outside of the church world, I have little in the way of marketable skills.  It's a struggle to find a job that pays enough to provide for the family, even working two jobs I come up short.  Elaine and I were both working two jobs, but the one with the most income is the one that laid me off.

This is the time that I trust God, so I am walking without seeing.  I am praying for wisdom and guidance because I have no idea what to do.  I came to Sioux City for one reason and that was taken away and I am not sure what to do next.  I don't really want to leave, I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for the house church network.  I just need the resources to do it, and I am not sure how to provide those and still have the availability and opportunity to do the other things I feel called to do.  I wonder if Paul felt like this when he was making tents.


  1. Well, you could try things like getting a group of people together to see if they could finance a home church, or something of that nature.
    Explain to them that their money would only be going towards ministry and nothing else- I would pitch in for something like that.
    Then, make sure you don't get stuck in a situation where one financial backer feels entitled to making all the decisions and what not and ends up controlling your ministry. Things like that never end well.
    Just ask around and see what you can come up with.

  2. Hi Dan. I don't have any ideas to offer you, but I will join you in praying for direction.

    From your post, it sounds like you believe you belong in a traditional church setting, but desire to do something new. Have you considered seeking a position as an unconventional church planter for an established church? This would allow you to use your training in ministry as well as pursue your passion...