Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Theology in Real Life

I won't lie, I like theology.  I like to talk about theology and read about theology and think about theology, I find thinking and learning and focusing on the nature, person and majesty of God is amazing.  I think that theological work is a form of worship, but the real question is how does your theology play out in real life.

I have a secular job these days, I sit in an open cube type area with some other folks close by.  Some of them have faith in common with me, many of them do not.  I can debate about Calvinism or Traditionalism all day long, but what I see is such a weaving together of the power of God.  God has placed me in a situation that I can share the Word.  The Holy Spirit works in that, God's sovereignty that works with my actions to do something amazing.  His power working through us, His body.

It's amazing how God weaves everything together, putting me in a place that I can share His love through choices that I thought I made.  It's theology that I live out every day as I am part of God's plan.

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