Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Life is certainly changing. I have resigned my position as Associate Pastor, but not my call to ministry. God has always put me in front line ministries, and that is what I am going back too. Student ministry, house church ministry, coaching,consulting and training. I am going to focus on where I am called and gifted.

Some have wondered if I got fired. No, I wasn't fired. I didn't just leave either, it was a decision that I made with the guidance of others. Parting was hard, but a friendly, loving seperation. I willn still maintain and build relationahip with that body of believers as I do the other things God has called me too.

You can be a part, by praying for us. Lots of changes and uncertainty. We are looking for a place to live and a job for me. Pray God opens the right doors. Thank you allnso much, the journey is just beginning.

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