Saturday, April 21, 2012

Theological Lessons for auto repair

The theological lessons from auto repair are many. For example, I think when Ezekiel spoke of a wheel within a wheel, he saw a wheel bearing inside a hub. Well maybe not, but I learnedly a solid lesson on prayer and patience. While trying to get my torque converter seated yesterday, I didn't have the room to get my hands inside. I couldn't get the transmission to move back any farther, so I asked God for help. A still small voice came to me and said "twist it" so I did. Transmission slid back perfectly. I was then able to get my hands inside and with much rejoicing, seat the torque converter. I am a long way from being done, and I am learning patience while I continue to work on the truck.  Our God is faithful and hears us with all matter, big or small, spiritual or automotive.

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