Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Worship through service

Elaine and I had a very interesting conversation today. We are in the middle of Vacation Bible School, and we are having a great time watch relationships grow between workers. We learn a lot about one another in class or in worship, but real growth happens when in ministry. We learn more about each other working and serving than we ever will listening to preaching. Don't get me wrong, preaching is essential, but it's the beginning of the Christian walk, not the pinnacle. We are meant to serve, to minister and to serve with others.

I think about a buddy of mine that was in and out of church until he was enlisted for a church work day, and served on a roof all day. I think about friends I have made and really gotten close with in service. I think about the lives changed when groups do missions and ministry work. I think about the relationship that are built though service.
I am going to go out on a limb and say that the spiritual milk that Paul is taking about comes though being in a church, but the meat of Christianity comes from Christian Service. If you are not involved in some area of ministry and partnership, get involved and see if I'm right. Let me know what you find out.

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  1. We were created to become like Christ. Christ lived a life of service. So, maybe we should do likewise.

    Listening to preaching is like sitting in class. Actually serving in ministry is OJT On the Job Training. This is where we live out what God has instructed.

    There is a bond that forms between people who are engaged in ministry together. Some of my closest friends are those that I have been been involved in ministry with and we share a common passion for doing the Lord's work.