Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ok, so here is the story. While moving, I dumped out a jug of gear lube. If you are not into cars, let me explain a little. This is the stuff inside the transmission of your car. It lubricates your gears, but it's thicker than engine oil. It's thick and sticky and it was all over the place.

I think sin is like transmission lube. The more you try to clean it up on your own, the worse things get. It smears, it smells back, it makes everything else stick to you, and the harder you try the worse it gets.

So what did I do? I poured cat littler on some. Some parts I covered in engine degreaser and then blotted up. I had to have the right stuff to get the spot out. When it comes to sin, there is only one thing that can get it out, that's the blood of Jesus. It can't be cleaned out with good works, church attendance or giving. It can only be removed with the blood of Christ. He did all the work. I wish transmission lube was as easy.

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