Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Danger or Glorified Sin

I was talking with a counselor once about how sins often breed other sins. We were talking about the sin of adultery specifically, that when a person commits adultery, the other person in the marriage is much more likely to commit adultery, because it becomes an option. I found it interesting how my counselor friend shared that often the sins of one person opens the doors for others.

There are some things that we would never consider doing, and it seems like no one could do anything, we are afraid of the consequences and the price. One day our friends try it and they live to tell the tale, they may even enjoy it. They didn't die, lightening didn't strike and no one died. This happens with teens with sex. One teen has sex and tells their friends about the experience. It then is no longer a big, strange thing, but something their friends are doing.

It seems to be part of human nature that when someone tries something, we want to try it too. We have to realize that if someone makes a mistake, commits a sin and does the wrong thing, we may not always see the consequences. We may not see how it effects them, it may seem like there isn't a cost. There is. If someone introduces you to a new way to sin, it's not an open invitation. There is still a cost and a price to be paid.

In the same way, we have to be careful how we talk to others about our sin. Just like with the married couple and adultery, we don't want to make our sin an option for someone else. We don't want to make it seem like we "got away" with it or pulled a fast one on God. The truth is, even if there isn't any visible cost, our sin always has a price and it causes problems. It disrupts relationships and causes problems, even when it's hard to see. It's important not to glorify our sin and share it in a way that can cause others to stumble.

When we confess our sins to others, there are things to remember. You should confess and have accountability with a person or people, but we need to choose wisely. You shouldn't be random in your confessions. It should be a mature believer, someone you trust and depend on. It should be someone who won't lead you into temptation or cause you to stumble, and in the same way not to cause others to stumble. We have to make sure we don't cause others to fall, but instead support them in the areas we have learned lessons and failed. Never brag about your sin, or get caught in a competition to see who has sinned the worst. Paul shared that he was a sinner, but did not give specifics or list all the ways he sinned. In the same way, we can acknowledge we are sinners without giving specifics. A man can share that he struggles with lust without painting a mental image of who he lusts after. A woman can share she struggles with jealousy without listing all the things she wished she had that she was jealous of. A couple can share they need prayer for some issues in their marriage without airing all of their dirty laundry for the world to see.

Let's be open, let's stay accountable but we wise about it. Let's make sure we are concerned and cautious about others. Let's not make our sin an option or others and ensure the sins of others doesn't become an option for us. It's a lot of work and takes diligence, but it will be worth it.

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