Friday, May 15, 2015

Let's Judge Judging

For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?
I Corinthians 5:12 ESV

I hear all the time people saying "don't judge".   There is a popular quote that says "don't judge people because they sin different from you".   I want to look at what Paul has to say about that in 1 Corinthians 5.  Paul tells us not to associate with the sexuality immoral,  and he clarifies.   He said "I didn't mean those outside the church who are sinners,  if you couldn't associate with sinners outside the church,  you'd have to leave the world.   It's people in the church that you need to avoid if they live in a sinful mannor".  (Dan's parahrase).

We need to support one another,  and we need to call out one another when we see an issue.   I am so thankful for those in my life who have been willing to call me out for sin. They have been life savers in turning me away from a path of destruction.

We have found ourselves in the age of tolerance,  where whatever you feel is ok. It's not abnormal for couples to live together and be sexuality active before marriage.  It may be common,  but that doesn't make it ok. Sexual activity outside of marriage is not ok in the church.   Paul says we don't need to condemn those outside the church,  but inside the church.  Drinking,  drug use, criminal behavior of those inside the church,  we need to be aware and save our brothers and sisters from themselves.

I hear you asking already,  what about homosexuality marriage.   It's a hot button issue and something we need to deal with. Homosexuality is a sin,  just like hetrosexuality when engaged outside of marriage. Jesus said that marriage in a man and woman coming together,  being one flesh.  A same sex couple cannot be married,  even if they have a state signed document that says they are married. You can call a civil union a marriage,  just like you can call a cardboard box your mansion.   It's still a cardboard box. In God's view, it's not a marriage,  regardless of what the state says.

Inside the church,  sexual immorality needs to be addressed.   Inside the church,  greed and idolatry and selfish pride need to be addressed.  Sin needs to be called sin,  and not in a general way from the pulpit,  but from a brother or sister in love.  It's time that we in the church begin to look out for each other.   Sin brings to death,  and we can do so much good by pulling someone aside and speaking truth in love.

The key to the entire thing is love. We don't condemn people,  we don't tell them they are worthless. We don't tell people with signs and with protest.  We need to stop worrying so much about what is going on in the world,  and begin to focus on what is going on with the church.

We judge those in the church because we love them.  It's not different that telling a child that they are doing something wrong,  because we don't want them hurt.  We love people and we want them to have real life.  Those who are part of a lifestyle of sin won't see it as love. If you tell a practicing homosexuality that they are involved in a sinful lifestyle,  they probably won't see it as love.  If you tell a young couple who is living together that they are in sin,  they may not respond well. If someone in your church has an addiction to drugs,  alcohol or gambling and you take them aside and tell them they are in sin,  they probably won't feel the love.   We must do it from love and judge based on God's Word.

For those who are reading this who call themselves a Christian who are engaged in a sinful lifestyle,  you may be less than happy with me. It's ok,  I can handle you being mad at me,  but I don't want to live my life ignoring the truth of God's word.   His word doesn't change or give way because of society or new definitions or Supreme Court rulings. Let's take the word seriously,  call sin what it is and address in love those who are trapped.

Thanks for taking some time with me today.

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