Saturday, October 12, 2013

No Fertilizer, a review of Organic God

I have read some books with "Organic" in the title, lots of reviews and some guides.  Most of them on churches, church planting, Small Groups, Sunday School, some on relationships and marriage, a few on gardens (very few).  I have a pretty good idea what most people mean when they say organic, so I figured I would check out this one, expecting it to have some feel good fertilizer. . . you all do know what organic fertilizer is, right?  I was really surprised.

In this book, Margaret Feinberg is real, raw and open.  She talks about her experience with church, with love, with career, but mostly a real and honest relationship with God.  I find that so many just go through the religious motions, we know what to say and do, how to act and the right words to pray.  We don't have a real relationship with God, we simply do what we have been told, modeled and what we assumed was right.  This books tackles that issue.

Ok, i'm gonna be straight, I'm not emotional, and sometimes Margaret has a tendency to be a little more emotionally driven than I relate too.  With that being said, I was surprised and encouraged by this book.  I was hit between the eyes with a few things, Margaret talking about the American church having her dress dirty and ripped, make up smeared and hair a mess, but still the Bride of Christ and we should treat her as such.  Sorta smacked me a little.  It was a good read, a good book and a good perspective, I would recommend it.  Four out of five stars.

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