Thursday, February 14, 2013

Motivation, what's yours?

Are you motivated? That is probably not the right question, because we are all motivated, the question is, what are you motivated to do, and what is the source of your motivation? Success, fame, money, love, publicity, ego or something else completely?

I strive to be motivated by love, for God and for others. I admit often times my motivation gets off track. I love God and I see the way God is slandered. I love God and I see the way He is misrepresented by many churches and pastors. I read blogs, see tweets and catch some Christian TV and it often grieves me. There are times I hear things that I don't think are true, and I am motivated by thinking I'm right.

In all these things, I try to be motivated by love. It's not easy sometimes, the flesh wants to act like the flesh, and it's weak. I am making progress I think, seems to be a 2 step forward 1 step back. Satan will always through stumbling blocks in the way. It helps to know that when I do stumble, there are those who will help me, because they are motivated by love.

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