Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I've Had It!

Why exactly are we beating one another over theology? Let me explain where I am coming from before I fly off the handle. I have seen blogs and posts and ideas about how these different systems are destroying church and people and don't read the Bible. Most of the blame seems to be directed towards "Calvinists" (which is the system I hold too the closest). It seems that the other camp, the Armenian camp is in control of the SBC, at least for the most part. They want to blame the Calvinists for the decline and destruction of the SBC. Seems to me that maybe the infighting is destroying the SBC.

I don't like the Armenian position, I don't agree with it, but Calvinism has become such a diverse category that is no longer means anything. There are positions within the camp that are as extreme as the differences between Armenians and Calvinists. It's a system, it's not the gospel, but we fight and fight about it.

My number one issue is that people debate without thinking. Someone says something you don't like, you either call them a heretic or a liberal, tell them they are eisogeting a passage and not exogeting it. It has come into vogue to just say "where did you get that interpretation". We are fighting over passages and their meanings and no one is really doing real study. We are just saying "well I think it's means. . . ". I've had it.

The true study of theology is dead. Theology has become note taking to win an argument. It's become the Christian version of High School Debate. Theology has been buried under the loads of garbage spewed by those who wish to do nothing more than argue. No one thinks anymore, they just "know". No one wrestles with the issues anymore, they are much too busy being right.

I have proposed a new idea I called 'Woven Theology'. I was told "it will never catch on, the lingo isn't right". Very few wanted to actually deal with the ideas that I presented, they just wanted to argue the existing structures. I was told that it was just an existing theology in a new package. The reality is I went back to the scripture to create all my theological treatise. I am no Luther or Calvin, but I view myself as a theologian, but it seems like very few are actually interested in theology, most people are involved in system, and the argument for that system. I've had it, and I don't want to play anymore.

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  1. Basically you are correct in your comments related to other's evaluations and in my opinion general comments period. People do not take the time to consider much outside their own palate. I am convinced the reason is really fairly simple; they dont really know what they believe or why they believe it... and how what they believe actually looks when and if someone connects all the dots... there is where most of the problems come into play... and there is this... my concept of what someone is actually saying, which may or may not be accurate. Everyone is a master in his own mind.

    I will look at what you have written...

    May not agree with you but I will give you careful thought through comments. I have done the same thing and am still modifying it.

    I am not Arminian nor am I even a 1 point Calvinist.

    Grateful to be in His Grip!