Thursday, December 17, 2009


As I considered worship lately, I have changed my perspective slightly. What is worship? To find the answer, I started looking in the most honest of places. Kids. Do you ever watch kids worship? Step back, outside of your religious mindset and look at unchurched kids. Look at 3rd-5th grade boys who love sports. They have the purest form of worship, it comes straight from the heart. They worship sports figures. When I was that age, it was Michael Jordan. Everyone had Air Jordans when I was 6th and 7th grade. Kids wore Bulls hats and shirts, and the real die hard fans, they had a jersey. Kids on playgrounds everywhere stuck their tongues out when they shot baskets.

True worship, the most pure form of worship is emulation. It's identification, it's concentrated attention given. Why have we turned it into a form that most people can't identify with? Sure, some will worship in song, but if we are honest with ourselves, if worship is emulation, aren't we worshipping the Worship leader more than God? Who are we mimicking on a Sunday Morning? Just food for thought. I welcome your comments.


  1. amen and so worship could be described as a state of being rather then a verb

  2. I think that too often we "go" to worship in order to get something out of it for ourselves. We forget that worship is for God's glory and not meant for our benefit. I believe we do experience his blessings when we live out worship, but the focus should be on bringing joy to God, and not ourselves.

  3. well ive heard live out your worship the problem is no one has ever said this is how u do that. i remember when iwas living in az i went with my mom, grandma and a family friend to get taxes done. our friend got more money than she thought she was going to get and she really need the extra dough i remember as she walked to her car she put her hands in the air spun around a few times saying god is so good! she did that in front everybody. that to me was true worship.